What is T9Hacks?

T9Hacks is a 24 hour, beginner level, in-person hackathon, encouraging exploration and learning just as much as creation and development. University students of all experience levels are welcome to join.

It is entirely free for participants and we will provide four catered meals throughout the event. Prizes for main track competition tracks average to $100 per person (in a winning group up to four people) and secondary awards average to $50 per person. Our sponsoring companies (including local brands like Medtronic and SciTec) will be present at the event to support participant efforts and recruit for possible job opportunities.

We strive to create a place for anyone who has ever felt separated from others within the STEM due to some aspect of their identity, whether that be gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disabilities, mental health, or any number of marginalizing aspects. T9Hacks is a place to build a community of support as we all learn and grow in our respective fields.


Competition Tracks

Each participant/group can only win one main competition track.

  • Make a game, any game - design, create, or remix a game. This can present as a rudimentary coded game or as the ideation/wireframing/ruleset/dev work necessary to create a game. Alternatively, develop a unique/alternative controller to a pre-existing game.
  • Community - how might we foster a healthy online community? Is it possible to combat misinformation and polarization in society?
  • Color/Diversity - what is your own unique flavor? From personal identity, race, gender presentation, etc to exploring "impossible colors'' in the light spectrum, this category is all about what color means to you.


Secondary Awards

Secondary awards may stack with the main competition track awards.

  • Best Beginner Hack
  • Best Use of Theme: Outer Space
  • Organizer's Choice
  • SciTec Award for Best Use of C++/Python
  • Plex Award for Best Media Companion



What to Build

As long as the project is submitted by the deadline, anything goes for the main competition tracks. We are a language-agnostic and platform-agnostic hackathon.

  • The only exception is the SciTec Award. To be considered for this award, your project must use C++ or Python as the main programming language.

What to Submit

Projects do not need to be complete and are expected to be anywhere in the prototyping phase. Your project should be submitted on DevPost by 5:30pm on 18 February 2023. Participants are expected to demo/present their projects to the judges after submission and the presentation will be factored into the judging process.

While T9Hacks accepts projects with prior work done, we ask that you clearly document the work that was done before the hackathon and what work was completed within the 24 hours of the hackathon. There should be evidence of a substantial difference between the work done before and the work done during the hackathon.

Hackathon Sponsors


$3,448 in prizes

Best of Game Track

Keychron K2 Hot-swappable Triple Mode Mechanical Keyboard with Gateron G Pro Brown or Blue switches. Comes with double-shot keycaps, RGB backlighting, and an aluminium frame. Compatible with both Mac and Windows machines.

Best of Community Track

$100 Best Buy gift cards, one per group member

Best of Color Track

Topo Designs Rover Pack in various colors, one per group member. Colors available: hemp/botanic green, forest/clay, bone white/coral, and blue/khaki.

Rookie Award

Soundcore Flare Mini Bluetooth Speakers by Anker

Best Use of Theme: Outer Space

Full size purple nebula galaxy fleece throw blankets

Organizer's Choice

Hydro Flask Lightweight Wide Mouth Vacuum Water Bottles, 24 fl. oz. Various colors available.

SciTec Award - Best Use of C++/Python (2)

$100 prize to each member of the winning group (up to four people). $25 prize to each member of the runner-up group.

Plex Award - Best Media Companion

6 Lifetime Plex Passes

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Erin Kearns

Erin Kearns
Sr. Prin. Software Engineer, Technical Fellow | R&D Software at Medtronic

Matt Shore

Matt Shore
Sr. Software Project Engineer at Medtronic

Saishriya Pathak

Saishriya Pathak
Software Engineer at Medtronic

Nora Tucker

Nora Tucker
Software Engineer at Medtronic

Thomas Marks

Thomas Marks
Senior Software Engineer | Tech lead at SciTec, Inc.

Stephanie Higgins

Stephanie Higgins
Principal Scientist at SciTec, Inc.

Andrea Martorano

Andrea Martorano
Software Engineer at SciTec, Inc

Océane Andréis

Océane Andréis
Software Engineer at SciTec, Inc.

Matt Dickey

Matt Dickey

Jenna Allen

Jenna Allen
Scientist and Software Engineer at Areté

Che Chuan "Suibi" Weng

Che Chuan "Suibi" Weng
PhD Student at the Atlas Institute

Dan Liu

Dan Liu
User Experience Designer at Sovos

Neha Kunapuli

Neha Kunapuli
Software Engineer at Trimble

Sheiva Rezvani

Sheiva Rezvani
Asst. Professor at the Atlas Institute | CU Boulder

Judging Criteria

  • Innovation
    Has there been precedent research into similar projects? How well does this project innovate on pre-existing ideas/technologies?
  • Academic Quality
    Has the team displayed an increase of knowledge? Did they learn anything during the course of making this project?
  • Feasibility
    Has the team created a project that offers an attainable/realistic endgame? Can it be replicated in a sustainable way?
  • Social Impact
    Is the problem the project is trying to solve important? Has the team created a project that will make a lasting and positive impact on the community?
  • Demonstration and Defense
    How well planned out and documented was the project? Did the team defend their idea well?
  • Quality of Results
    How well did the team execute their idea? Was there intent?
  • Level of Enjoyment
    Are all team members satisfied with the project results? Did they enjoy themselves during the event?
  • Game Track Specific Question
    Is the game engaging? While games do not have to be fun, how satisfying is the interaction (or planned interaction)?
  • Community Track Specific Question
    How well has the team examined the current state of community online? Does their project seem to address the issues that they identified?
  • Color Track Specific Question
    How well has this project displayed the team's individuality (however they may have interpreted the prompt)?

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